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Software Surprise!

Given the choice I always like to purchase software on a CD or DVD as opposed to downloading it directly from the Internet. The end result is the same in that the program ends up on my computer, but in the event of a major crash it's comforting to know that I have a backup and can, at least in theory, reinstall the software from the original CD or DVD. However, all was not as it seemed the last time I ordered some software. The remainder of this story I will tell in words and pictures.

A white box on a doorstep.

Promptly after placing my order the software arrives on my doorstep.

A sealed white box viewed from above.

A surprisingly large box for just a CD, but it offers plenty of protections for the valuable software inside.

A box opened, showing bubblewrap inside. A pamphlet and a delivery note can be seen through the bubble wrap.

The box opened reveals a copious amount of bubble wrap with a delivery note and promotional magazine beneath.

A black and orange box held in a hand removing it from a larger white box.

Finally, the box containing the actual product. Very nice packaging for the software, and not too big for the CD inside.

A black and orange box partially opened, with an inner box showing.

A firmer box inside provides additional strength to protect the CD…but it seems a bit light.

An inner box alongside an outer box. The contents of the inner box, a card and instruction manual, can be seen.

Much to my surprise there is no CD inside, just an instruction manual and a card!

A closeup of a card with instructions on how to download the software.

The card tells me to download the software from the Internet and includes an authorisation code so I don’t have to pay for it again.

A set of boxes arragned together.

And here is the complete set of boxes, giving a whole new meaning to the term 'box set' - because it really is a set of boxes and nothing more. Had I downloaded the software from the Internet in the first place I would have saved on postage, and the cash on delivery fee as well.

In fairness to the manufacturer they never actually stated that the boxed software would contain a CD, but it's a fair assumption on the part of the buyer that it would contain some medium for installing the software directly onto a computer without having to download it.

The next time I buy software over the Internet I'll try to establish exactly what I will be getting prior to placing my order.



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