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Dusty Springfield – Nothing Has Been Proved

CD Jacket - Nothing Has Been Proved

Nothing Has Been Proved was written and produced by the Pet Shop Boys specifically for the 1989 film Scandal. The track reached No. 16 in the UK charts, drawing on the talents of veteran vocalist Dusty Springfield to sing this song describing the Perfumo political scandal of the '60s. Springfield’s performance exudes great style, but what really elevates this music to a level above that of a good pop song is the soprano saxophone solo near the end, played by the British saxophonist Courtney Pine. Unfortunately only the first part of this can be heard on the music video, which you can watch on YouTube, so you will need to buy the 12” or CD single to hear the solo in its entirety. I recently picked up my copy from eBay for a very reasonable ₤10.

The first half of the solo can be heard below, but only when you hear it in its entirety is it possible to fully appreciate its beauty.




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