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Multipurpose Jingles


These multipurpose jingles were originally made for an educational video production. As I retained full copyright I am able to offer them for sale. They are all royalty free, which means no payment is required when they are used. The purchase price includes a licence permitting private use (see the 'Private Use Licence' box below for more details on what this covers). For commercial use please contact me to discuss your licencing requirements.

The table below gives the length and a brief description of each jingle. The files include the full natural decay of the instrumental sound and / or reverberation at the end, giving the user the option of adding a rapid fade to make the jingle shorter if required.


Track Jingle No. Description bpm Length
01 1a Smooth Piano - Smooth sounding jingle with a rising piano melody accompanied by bass, acoustic guitar, strings and drums. Swelling synthesizer sound at the end. 115 26 sec.
02 1b 17 sec.
06 1c 13 sec.
04 2a Smooth Rock Guitar - Triumphant sounding rock jingle with an electric guitar melody, broken chord piano accompaniment, bass, drums and strings. 115 23 sec.
05 2b 15 sec.
06 3 Smooth Chords - Smooth piano jingle with bass, drums and strings. 107 11 sec.
07 4a Lively Synth Solo - Lively jingle with a synthesizer melody and a rising strings counter melody, accompanied by piano, bass and drums. 112 22 sec.
08 4b 14 sec.
09 5 Percussive Marimba - Repeated percussive sounds on the marimba emphasized by high string stabs, with piano, bass, drums and clarinet accompaniment. 112 12 sec.
10 6a Ethereal Up-Tempo - Ethereal sounding synthesizer melody with rhythmic chord piano accompaniment, bass, drums and organ. 147 34 sec.
11 6b 21 sec.
12 6c 14 sec.
13 7a Fast Solo Synthesizer - Fast falling broken chord solo synthesizer jingle. 160 5 sec.
14 7b Fast Solo Bells - Fast falling broken chord synthesizer bells jingle. 6 sec.
15 8 Synth Stab Chords - Two stab synthesizer chords with sweep at the end. 160 6 sec.
16 9 Rock Guitar Finale - Five note rock guitar melody with piano, bass and strings. 160 6 sec.
17 10a Ethereal Marimba - Jumping marimba melody with ethereal sounding choir and strings. 160 11 sec.
18 10b 7 sec.

To download a specific jingle, simply click on the Buy Now text in the audio player. To download the entire collection click here.

All downloads are managed through the online music store Bandcamp.

Bandcamp Prices:
Individual track downloads £1.00 each (approximately $1.50 USD / 183 JPY)*.

Whole album download £10.00 (approximately $15.50 USD / 1,830 JPY)*.

Buy with confidence using PayPal, or credit card.

* Please check the current exchange rates for an accurate currency conversion.

Private Use Licence:

  • A private website (one domain and subdomains) or
  • A private video (which may be uploaded to a video site such as YouTube) or
  • A private podcast (for non-commercial use) or
  • A presentation (i.e. a live public presentation) or
  • Corporate film (training, promotional or educational video).


The above covers quite a wide rage of usage. For commercial usage on radio, television or film please contact me to discuss your precise requirements.

Technical Information

These jingles were recorded using 24 bit technology to ensure the highest quality.

The files include the full natural decay of the instrumental sound and / or reverberation at the end, giving the user the option of adding a rapid fade to make the jingle shorter if required.

These jingles are all copyright and may not be resold in any form.

See related pages: Radio Jingles and Royalty Free Radio Jingles.



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